Pelvic Floor + Core Health

Physical rehab & life coaching for inner & physical strength, for all women

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Bespoke personal training and life coaching for postpartum women

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Online, Self-Lead Programmes

Resilience, Personal training, Life coaching, Self Directed Programmes

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Combination of bespoke personal training & life coaching, for pregnant women

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Take your quality of life, your health and fitness to the next level, for all women

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Boundaries Coaching 

Get clear on what matters most to you, rediscover who you are are, build your dream life, enforce you boundaries, 

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Power Resilience

1.5 hour session to focus on your health and wellbeing. Gain clarity, focus your energy, restore balance

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Resilience Coaching

Mental and Physical resilience for life. Have a whole life MOT and service, for all women

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Health and Wellness, Transformational Coaching

Hi, I am Chloe Maxwell, a certified life coach, holistic personal trainer and mother. I worked with mums for 6 years before I myself became a mum and just 4 months later, a single parent. I know from my own experience and the 100’s of women that I have worked with, just how demanding and challenging motherhood can be. It is a deeply profound and rewarding experience, like no other, but it is also going to ask more of you; physically, emotionally and mentally than anything that came before. I have dedicated the last almost decade of my life in supporting women as they step into their power as a mother, to reclaim their individual identity, reconnect with their body and cultivate physical and mental resilience for life.

When we prioritise our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, we learn new habits and tools to regulate our autonomic nervous system. Like using movement, insightful questions and diet to positively effect our mental health. It makes living our best and healthiest life (despite toddler tantrums, endless laundry and social pressures) accessible and fun.

My individual programmes are designed to meet your needs, packed full of practical lifestyle tools and techniques to help you to make positive lifestyle changes that promote lasting, sustainable changes to your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

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Mind - Body - Life programme


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Holistic life + health +fitness programme


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New Mum

4th Trimester Programme


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Values, beliefs, boundaries


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Change begins with you...  




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