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Chloe is the most attentive, focussed, creative and fun Wellness Coach that you could ask for. She understands the body and is highly sensitive to your specific situation (pre/post-natal, injuries etc.) and flexes with you as you change.

She will tailor the session to how you are feeling, always building your confidence in your body and your self awareness as well as your strength, flexibility and fitness.

Wherever you are, whatever your health and fitness needs, Chloe will work with you to make your programme fun, rewarding and motivating. I cannot recommend her enough!

Jesse M

Chloe is the kindest and most caring person you could find to help you on your health and wellness journey. She is interested in helping you achieve whatever you need. You will feel well supported and safe whether you're training in person with her, or far away through the magic of the internet. As someone who has generally tried to avoid exercise my whole life I can tell you that Chloe has helped me see it as something I can enjoy

Tilly M

Chloe’s sessions are fun, interesting and tailored to my personal needs as a busy professional woman and mum. She’s an expert in the human body and really focused on what matters: mobility, strength and health.

Doing the sessions with Chloe has changed my body and my mind in ways I couldn’t even have imagined. I’m fit and I have the beginnings of a six pack! My relationship with exercise has shifted and I have started to love it! Her gentle, kind, encouraging manner has really helped me through a difficult time in lockdown.

It’s an utterly personalised experience from a fabulous woman I would now consider to be a friend. If you’re feeling stagnant, Chloe will challenge you just the amount you need and cheer you on the whole time - I couldn’t recommend training with her enough



“Maya B -

Chloe has completely transformed my relationship with exercise. Before I started training with her, I found the concept of working out intimidating and dreaded it. It was a chore to be endured, or even avoided. I’ve had a number of personal trainers before, but I’ve never been able to keep at it or maintain a consistent exercise routine - that is until I met Chloe. She has helped me to bring about a physical transformation of my post-partum body but more importantly she has helped me to shift my mindset about exercise. I used to think I was the kind of person who just couldn’t exercise. I now look forward to exercising with Chloe and the times that I have had to miss our sessions, I make sure to include movement in my day on my own. This was unthinkable just a few months ago.

I started working out with Chloe after my daughter’s first birthday. I came to her to ‘fix’ my post-partum tummy pouch and shed the few last pounds of pregnancy weight. But soon my aim evolved from seeking to achieve a physical goal - weight loss and muscle tone - to a more holistic desire to feel healthy and strong in my body, which has involved guidance from Chloe on nutrition, mindfulness practise, body awareness and life coaching. As the mother of a daughter, I want to incorporate healthy, sustainable wellness practises into my life so that I can help my daughter to foster a positive relationship with her body as she grows up.

Chloe has been a compassionate and gentle guide, helping me to develop a new understanding of progress: as she says, it is a forward motion and so even if there are a few lapses one is still forging ahead. She encourages me to be compassionate towards myself, and to appreciate my body for all that it has given me, including growing my daughter inside me. Accepting and celebrating my body has been another shift Chloe has facilitated within me.

No two sessions with Chloe are the same. At the beginning of the session, Chloe checks in to ask if there is anything going on in my body or mind that we need to take into account that day, and if there is she adjusts the exercises she has planned to take care of a sore neck from a bad’s night sleep or takes a few minutes to do some breathing exercises to calm an agitated mind. Through her gentle and gradual approach, we have steadily increased the intensity of the exercises. Had we started at this level of intensity at the beginning, I would have been intimidated and put off. Instead she helped me to build my strength and body awareness, and we are progressing towards more advanced sequences and moves.

Training with Chloe has been an investment in my health and wellbeing that pays itself back every day that I wake up feeling strong and energetic, and on the days that I wake up tired but invigorated from our session. The benefits are immediate and cumulative and go far beyond physical fitness. I cannot recommend Chloe highly enough, and in fact have referred her to several friends and family members.” 


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