Replenish, Revive, Revitalise

4 days of self-care practices as you say Yes to You! You deserve to feel phenomenal today!

This toolkit includes:

  • Morning script to bring in a powerful energy to set your intention and attention on how you want to feel
  • My orange/cacao, cashew, energy ball recipe, to nourish and energise your mind and body
  • Mixed movement flow to connect you to your strength and flexibility introducing you to powerful and dynamic movements
  • My quick and easy breath meditation to give you a moment to reset and reconnect your mind and body
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Where are you now and where do you want to be?

  • Take a moment before we begin to acknowledge where you are at emotionally, physically, mentally and energetically, how do you feel right now?
  • Are you ready to say YES to YOU?
  • Are you ready to shift your mindset and feel connected to your body?
  • Take a moment to get focused and clear about how you want to feel, in your body and in your mind...strong and clear, energised and focused, connected and proud? 

You deserve to feel like that every day. Using these tools each day will help you to change your internal narrative and to form healthy habits. When you take care of your body and mind today, your future you will thank you.

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