Health and Wellness, Transformational Coaching

I’m here to support you through this experience

to go on a journey of rediscovery. You will tap back into your inner knowing and intuition so that you can heal and recover your voice, reconnecting to your truth. Life has a way of knocking us down and sending us in directions where we loose our way and our confidence and I am here to bring you back to living your truth. You will learn to trust your body, listen to it's feedback, and work with your emotions as they arise, noticing your thoughts, the stories that are there and creating distance enough to engage in an inner conversation about whether these thoughts are true? Are they in alignment with your beliefs and values today?


Now is the time to make space in your life for you. Now is the time to upgrade your mindset, to learn the processes to make the changes to transform your life, strengthen your body, build your confidence and re write your story. This is the time to move into the next chapter of your life, this is a process of evolution and I am here to support you.

I am looking to work with ambitious women and mothers that are 100% committed to changing their relationship with their bodies to one of pride and love. Women that are committed to transforming their self limiting beliefs about themselves, women that are looking to cultivate a healthy life that isn’t just for a season, women that want to re-write their story and live their best life. 

I will support you to connect with who you are and what you want from life on a deeper level. I will support you to identify what your goals are - for your body, your mind and future and I will help you to create the strategy to achieving the life that you want, as the best version of yourself. 

The mothers that I have worked with have said working with me has transformed their experience of motherhood as they are now in a place where they trust there gut, they are confident in their ability to make the right decision for themselves and their baby. They feel at home in their body and within their mind as they know the practices that work for them, to make them feel well and confident within themselves. 



Life and Mindset Mastery


one off session

When we are living life out of alignment, out of integrity, unsure of our individual identity, it is really really hard to sustain that way of living and normally leads to burnout or depression.

Between our health, family, finances, career and relationships, life can feel overwhelming at the best of times. Stepping into that arena, not feeling prepared or confident in ourselves, unsure of what the right next step is can leave us feeling stuck.

Using my decade of expertise to support you, we use this session to get clear about where your focus and energy needs to be directed so that you feel connected to your mind, body, spirit, and the direction you want to take your life in.

We will use the time to assess where you have energy drains in your life that need to be tended to as well as the energy/mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck where you are.

This session is for women that want to reclaim their power, improve their health, their mindset, their self-confidence and happiness but do not have the time to commit to a longer coaching programme.


  • Improve your Health and Fitness
  • Feel confident in your career and job choices
  • Get clear about what is going on in your life and how you feel about where you are now and work out you want to feel and what needs to change
  • Improve your relationships and communication
  • Strengthen your boundaries and get rid of what isn't serving and let in the good stuff
  • Connect to your body, baby and the changes that are taking place during pregnancy
  • Strengthen your self-care/resilience practice during pregnancy and postpartum

You deserve to have it all. I am here to support you in accessing your limitless potential, empowering you to live your life as your authentic self, confident, connected and excited about life.


Resilience & Boundary - Life Coaching


Gain Clarity

This is a 3 Month Programme. (£500 per month)

To rediscover who you are as an individual or as a mum.

To dive in deep and reclaim your power in getting clear about what is most important to you, what do you believe in and what is keeping you stuck. 

To get direction, clarity, confidence and contentment within yourself

Having a resilient mindset helps you to feel connected and confident even in the most challenging moments, you learn, you discover and uncover your power. You get to set the tone of your life and show up with integrity, consistently and with confidence in yourself. 


  • 1 x 1 hour, weekly session 
  • Notes after every session + guided self enquiry
  • Goal Setting – medium/longterm + vision building
  •  Strategies + tools to navigate any situation so that you remain in your integrity
  • Improved boundary setting and enforcement
  • Clear connection to values and core beliefs
  • Growth/resilient Mindset 
  • The ability to be in conversation with your emotions and thoughts when they arise
  • Freedom to chose the pace, tone and direction of your life


anxiety/Health/Fear/Transition/ skill learning/Parenting/Goals


Coaching can help with  

  • Overcoming anxiety - Finding  Direction and Purpose in Work -  Improving Communication in Relationships - Creating sustainable lifestyle changes - Sustaining mindset shifts - Improving your Health & Wellbeing - Cultivating a movement practice for life - Living life by your values - Cultivating self-love, self-compassion, self-awareness and self-belief - Connecting to your intuition and power as a mother - Creating strong and healthy bounda

Working with me 

  • You will heal old stories that disconnected your body and your mind

  • You will learn to move your body with confidence and ease 

  • You will feel empowered and connected to your intuition

  • You will create strong and healthy boundaries in all areas of your life

  • You will connect deeply to your values

  • You will learn powerful tools and processes and have access to my expertise throughout this time 

  • You will have the time to truly integrate all that you learn and experience, into your daily life

  • You will learn learn how to eat a balanced diet - cooking delicious, nutritious and quick meals for you and your family

  • You will receive compassionate, invested support so that you achieve your goals

How to move forward: 


Resilience - Mind - Body- Life Revitalise


Start your best life today

This is a 3-6 Month Resilience and Movement Programme. (£600 per month)

  Rediscover your power, reconnect to who you truly are so that you can reclaim your life with confidence in yourself and connected to your body. Whatever you circumstances I can support you to improve your confidence, your health and happiness! . For mums at any point in their journey of motherhood.


  • 30 minute movement sessions weekly (personal training)
  • 1 hour  life coaching sessions weekly
  • 2 Bespoke video home workout each month or recording of our movement sessions
  • Bespoke 3-6 month progressive movement/life/food programme
  • Continued assessment, check-up and support between sessions on whatsapp
  • 1 x monthly Nutrition review
  • Healthy/Balanced meal support
  • Body confidence
  • Improved relationship with food
  • Mindful approach to eating, exercise, life, career, parenting
  • Resilience practice for life 

Restore - Replenish - Revive


Start your best life today

This is a 3-6 Month Life and Movement Programme. (£500 per month)

With less contact than Resilience, as you are adding into or adjusting an existing healthy life style that needs some love and maintenance. For mums at any point in their journey of motherhood.

  • Bi-weekly personal training sessions 
  • Bi-weekly 1 hour life coaching
  • 1 x Bespoke video home workout
  • Goal Setting, vision building, life assessment and review as you go
  • Bespoke 3-6 month progressive programme
  • Continued assessment, check-up and support between sessions on whatsapp
  • 1 x monthly Nutrition review
  • Revived relationship with exercise
  • Improved relationship with food 
  • Mindset shifts and personal-development evolution 

(this is suitable for women that have gone through the Resilience programme or if you are looking for a bit more support and structure to an existing healthy lifestyle)


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