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Restore Resilience, sustain a movement and self-care practice for life, gain a deeper understanding of your triggers and learn new lifestyle tools and techniques to support sustainable habit and lifestyle change...

Whatever transformation you are looking for I have a programme for you. 



Throughout our lives, up until this point we have learnt different strategies to survive and thrive. Habits, routines and beliefs formed to help us to belong, connect, progress, adapt and survive in our communities. However depending on our experiences, depending on our education, our peers, our religious background, our parenting...we learnt 'a' way to get by but not 'THE ONLY' way, and maybe not the best way for us to live our authentic truth?

 If we do not take the time to reclaim our power, reconnect with our intuition and be guided by what is most essential to us, we are stuck on autopilot, out of control, stuck in a cycle playing out someone else's or societies idea of how life should be.

This is your moment to step into your integrity and align your thoughts, feelings and actions to realise your dreams and live your truth.

Coaching can help with  

  • Overcoming anxiety - Finding  Direction and Purpose -  Improving Communication in Relationships - Creating sustainable lifestyle changes - Sustaining mindset shifts - Improving your Health & Wellbeing - Cultivating a movement practice for life - Living life by your values - Cultivating self-love, self-compassion, self-awareness and self-belief - Connecting to your intuition and power as a mother - Creating strong and healthy boundaries - cultivating positive changes to habits - healing from old triggers - regaining energy - getting rid of anxiety - finding ones true identity 

Clients results...

  • Make decisions with confidence and clarity

  • Feel empowered and connected to their intuition

  • Learnt to create and enforce healthy, strong boundaries

  • Live in their integrity, guided by their values and core beliefs of who they are TODAY

  • Use powerful tools daily that they share with their loved ones

  • Feel like they have become who they always knew they could be

  • Heal from past trauma

  • Are able to self and co-regulate to respond rather than react to life
  • Have a positive relationship with food and exercise that responds intuitively to their needs
  • Feel more a part of their community 

Embodied resilience ™

Start your best life today

Coming soon! 

Do you want to feel adaptable without  compromising your essential needs? Do you want to feel energised and excited about life? Do you want to make lasting and meaningful changes to your habits? Do you wan to learn how to read and respond to your body's signals of nervous system activation? Do you want to have access to the tools and knowledge to change the trajectory of your life? Then this course is for you!

This is a digital self-care and Embodied Resilience, Life-coaching programme, designed to give you access to the ESSENTIAL tools to take care of your wellbeing and to navigate life feeling more confident, connected and in control today and throughout your life!

This is a full 5 month life-coaching programme and personal training programme, with added elements of breath techniques,  journalling questions, nutritional advice, positive psychology and more. All have been included to support you as you make meaningful and sustainable lifestyle changes. By gaining awareness of who we are, what we need, what we want from life and how we want to feel we become aware of the choices that we have, to make it a reality. When we take action to realise our dreams we build our self-confidence and resilience for life! 


  • 10 life coaching modules for life long resilience diving deep into: life assessment, where are you now, what is working, self-awareness, metacognition - how your thought effect your reality, polyvagal theory - understanding your autonomic nervous system, what's in your control bring back your power - values/beliefs/mindset, cultivate self-compassion+gratitude, intuitive eating undstand your habits and emotions with food, rest & the breath are essential for physical and emotional health, sustainable habit change, boundaries, body positivity and sustainable exercise practice for life 
  • 2 NEW progressive movement classes each module with 2 NEW warm up and 2 NEW cool down videos (54 TOTAL)
  • 1 NEW decompression fusion yoga/pilates flow each module ( 9 TOTAL) 
  • Postural/ correct form clinic videos 
  • 25 life coaching sessions/lessons covering the topics
  • 36 educational PDF's that expand on the topics covered and have exercises and tools to integrate the knowledge shared
  • Accountability, support, community and connection 

This programme has my decade of industry experience, training and research of working with my 1:1 clients.

Infuse your life with more purpose passion and joy. Discover a renewed sense of wholeness and healing, embracing all of you!

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Self-care is Healthcare

Start your best life today

Coming soon! 

Are you ready to have a movement practice that lasts a lifetime? Do you want to make lasting and meaningful changes to your lifestyle? Are you ready to prioritise your health and wellbeing? Are you ready to get your energy back? Do you want to respond to stress rather than lose your temper? Then this programme is for you!


This is a digital self-care and life coaching programme. Designed to give you access to the ESSENTIAL tools and knowledge in making sustainable changes to your lifestyle and habits.


Self-care is essential it is not optional.When we prioritise our health and wellbeing we allow ourselves to regain control over the trajectory of our lives, without it, all parts of our lives suffer. It’s no good exercising and eating well without understanding your habits, gain insight and self-awareness through the coaching and use your movement practice and other tools to support you. The mind affects the health of our body and the health of our body affects our state of mind. When we prioritise our health and wellbeing we allow ourselves a chance to thrive!


  • 5 life coaching modules: 1) Where are you now life assessment, how do you want to feel + actionable tools to support you in the moment 2) Dive deep into your core beliefs - from lack to growth mindset - explore how self-care can support you to stay in your integrity 3) What matters most to you? How do you want to feel, How do you want your life to be? 4) What moves you to move? Affirmations and exercise to support you for a life time 5) Rest - sleep is essential, eating in a way that doesn’t cause inflammation supports physical and mental health
  • 8 progressive circuits, 8 warm ups, 8 cool downs and 4 decompression flows  (TOTAL 28 exercise videos)
  • Form and clinic videos 
  • 6 life coaching sessions covering the topics
  • Breathwork / guided meditation 
  • 16 educational PDF's that expand on the topics covered in the modules and have exercises and tools to integrate the knowledge shared
  • Accountability, community, support



To have a different outcome to how things are we have to try something different. This has everything that you need in one place to make a real difference to how you experience being in your body. 

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I have designed these programmes to support you on your journey to coming back into your power. To create sustainable and meaningful changes to your habits and beliefs that allow you to thrive and heal from your past experiences. Our parents may have loved us but they didn't necessarily equip us with the tools necessary to engage with our emotions safely, to read our body's signals of autonomic activation, to know how to reset our nervous systems, to create and enforce boundaries safely, to prioritise our health and wellbeing over societal pressures or how to love our body's as they are and know how to move them safely...

Self-care is healthcare, it isn't optional, it is essential to sustain our health and wellbeing. All of my programmes have my many years of working within the health and wellness industry to make living a healthy, vibrant, life possible. To learn lifestyle habits and tools that support you in real time. When the women I work with start their 1:1 programme, they often say "I wish I had done this 10 years ago!" and "I don't know how I've gotten by for so long not making this time for myself."

When you have the lived experience of feeling more energised, having less brain fog, more focus, a regular self-care practice, not having as much anxiety, feeling excited about food, feeling confident in yourself and notice how you're able to pause rather than lose your realise integration just happens and change is possible!

Check out the different programmes to find the one that meets you where you are today and join the waitlist for the ones that are coming later this year. Or head to my 1:1 bespoke programme offerings. Now more than ever we see how self-development, healing and re-writing our future from a place of alignment is no longer optional, it is essential. We nee to harness these powerful tools and insights to make our life mirror our deepest wants.

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