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Motherhood is amazing but it is also the most demanding job we will ever have. Juggling doesn't quite cover it as we meet our children's emotional, physical and developmental needs, run a household, juggle career changes our own education and self-development, social and societal expectations, changes in our relationships and friendships, change in our identity... I remember waking up and asking myself ' Who am I now, where am I in all of this and what do I even love doing?"

It's understandable that our focus, direction and purpose can become lost and with it, our boundaries. If we don't know what is most important to us, we have no guidance and clarity to keep us aligned and in our integrity. With boundaries however we have clarity, consistency and protection. It's lets other people, including our family what we are and are not available for. It makes making decisions about social invitations, shopping, activities (and everything really) easier to make..."does this work for me/us?" It also helps to bounce back from difficult conversations, as you reflect your part to play in the situation, were you out of alignment with your values or did you not enforce a boundary and that is contributing to how you feel? 

Boundaries release shame and blame and give us  clarity and a clear path,  as we navigate life by them. 


 I will support you on your journey to finding who you are and what matters most to you TODAY. 


Clearly define what matters most to you

 Rediscover who you are and build a life that reflects your truest most authentic self

 Gain practical self-care practices to support your wellbeing

 Gain clarity about your values, triggers and autopilot behaviours

Learn new strategies and responses to stress, anxiety & overwhelm

Learn how to say no without guilt and celebrate when you do

✓ Self-regulation of autonomic nervous system 

Breath-techniques & guided meditation

✓ Nurture a compassionate, loving and kind relationship with yourself

 Learn skills and share tools with your family 



Who is this programme for?

Are you feeling low energy, overwhelmed, anxious or lacking focus?

Are you ready to make your wellbeing your top priority?

Do you want to feel more confident and connected to your intuition?

Are you wanting to explore what in your thinking and in your past experience  has prevented you from living your best life?

Do you feel ready for change but don't know where to begin and want everything to be one place?

Do you want to learn how to regulate your nervous system to support your wellbeing?

Do you want access to accessible tools to support your mental, physical and emotional health?

Do you want to feel more grounded and confident in yourself?

Do you want to share positive tools with your kids by using them yourself?

Are you wanting to get clear and confident in who you are today?

If you answered yes to some, all or most of the questions above, this programme is for you!

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What's involved:

  • I will work with you 1:1, live over zoom so that you can be in the comfort of your own home 1 hour a week.
  • I will create a bespoke programme that meets your health and wellbeing needs from where you are now and supports you to achieve your goals in a 2-6 month period, sharing real-life tools, exercises and processes that are easy to integrate and support your lifestyle and behavioural change. 
  • I will share nutritional information and recipes to support your mental and physical health, journaling homework to integrate and explore your insights from the coaching the sessions.  The combination of self-care practices, life coaching and nutritional advice, supports a better hormonal balance that aids mental and physical wellbeing.
  • I will be available over Whatsapp in-between your sessions and can send audio messages of support, clarification and connection. 
  • The sessions can be a fusion of life coaching and personal training/breathwork, guided mediation.

What happens next?

Book your FREE 45 minute discovery call to chat with me about your needs and I will take you through your health and lifestyle assessment. 

All you need is a computer and connection to the internet and the call will be held over zoom.

Once it is agreed that the programme is right for you we will meet once a week over zoom, weekly for 2-6 months working on your bespoke health and fitness programme which is a mixture of functional movement, breath work, nutritional advice, habit change, mindfulness, positive psychology and more!

Where ever you are on your journey to Becoming your best self, spending this time learning the tools and processes for life long health is an investment of your time and energy that you won't regret and is a way of life that you can share with your family! 

You will have my committed and dedicated support, with my many years of training and expertise, specialising working with pre and post-natal women. 

I am looking forward to supporting you on your journey x

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Meet Me...

Since 2012 i've dedicated much of my life training to become a Women's Wellness and Fitness specialist. I've worked with 100's of women for nearly a decade to support them in achieving and restoring physical and mental health and wellbeing. Providing real solutions through functional exercise, breath work, life coaching, positive psychology techniques, nutritional advice and more. Learning how to regulate your nervous system supports long term resilience and self-confidence.All of this creates a strong foundation to support the deep transformative work on your journey of self-empowerment.

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I had worked with you before in 2013 for mobility and saw your post on Facebook I knew that It was the whole lifestyle and movement practice approach that I needed. I was feeling a lot of pain and lacking in motivation. I wanted to change my eating habits, I wanted to change the story that I didn’t have the discipline, I wanted to learn to do things differently and trust myself 

- Judith

Boundary Coaching


For 3 month bespoke programme or £450 monthly (x3)

  • Take back control of the trajectory of your life
  • Learn about you autonomic nervous system
  • Change mindset and improve self-confidence
  • Create and live your dream life 
  • Create and enforce boundaries to protect it and that also allow it to flourish and grow
  • Learn practical tools to integrate into your life every day 
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