Play over Productivity?

Jul 18, 2021

Before we went away there was a meet up for the parents at nursery and a couple of the mums were asking me about my allotment with Rowan.

Last year Was my first year having an allotment and I was super organised with a growing schedule, a variety of things to grow and ZERO experience. It was so much work keeping on top of the weeds and plagues of black fly and the animals basically eating everything that we grew and it was full on with a year old. I had to get my sister and her boyfriend to help me and it ended up being a stressful experience rather than fun. I’d often think about it and dread going.

This year I gave half of my plot to my neighbour and decided to free style it. My philosophy and approach to it was for it to be a place that Rowan could get covered in mud, play and plant something and see what happens. We planted o lot of flowers, Rowan sort of threw in the seeds altogether so we’ll see what happens.

When I’m not there I think about it and want to go there. On a rainy or sunny day I just want to be there, i love it and I have a friend who lives near by and he sometimes comes and hangs out and mows the grass. It’s a place of playing and being and not productivity.
I have the same approach for swimming. It’s time for Rowan to play, splash about and build his confidence it’s not to accomplish anything other than having some fun. I let him go at his own pace.

One of the mums was saying that the pressure of accomplishing things in the garden or with certain activities can often ruin the experience and it becomes stressful. I’m Not saying that we shouldn’t aim to Achieve things with our kids, but I do think it’s important to have time and space allocated for just being, where they can be free and explore without us having to jump in and control the exploration.

It’s one of the things I loved most about spending so much time on the beaches and in parks when we were in Cornwall, Roo was off exploring with other kids or leading me on adventures, it felt wild and fun.

Is there space in your life to let go of some
Of the pressure of accomplishing tasks and instead create space for some spontaneous, free styling moments?

With love chloe x