Directing our attention

Nov 30, 2020

Directing our attention, focusing on actions that we can take - things that we are grateful for - noticing the beautiful autumn leaves - creates a moment to not feel overwhelmed - it gives our body and mind a moment to reset hormonally - lessening the cortisol - this is a way of reducing our reactivity to the negative stimuli around us.

The benefits of mindfulness are scientifically proven and I encourage you to do your own research as having a deeper understanding of what is happening within our mind and body on a physiological level - with our hormones - can help in making it easier to show compassion and patience to ourselves rather than feeling guilty about why we aren’t motivated and feel short tempered - when we are stressed and depressed or anxious this affects our bodies functions - we need to reset - nourish - nurture and learn the tools to take care of our mental - physical and emotional health - self care is for life and is part of a resilience practice that supports you in being able to live life as your best self