Children learn through play

Jul 11, 2021

In order for children to grow, learn, evolve, adapt, become themselves, become resilient they have to play, they have to fall, they have to get things wrong so that they learn what feels right and good for them.

When they are learning to walk they get feedback when they overbalance, or slipping when they are learning to climb and to coordinate their feet and hands. When they are learning to engage with other kids and express themselves they learn a lot from when things go a bit ‘wrong’ - hitting hurts and makes people sad, name calling all that jazz.

They are learning, growing and changing as they explore the world around them and how to be themselves. They are not walking around in shame, guilt or judgement. They are learning to be self-aware, have forgiveness and self-compassion, they have the ultimate resilience practice. The adults around them are ideally creating a space that is safe, nurturing, forgiving, compassionate, loving, fun, creative, restful,
Communicative, with community….

I have a theory that I share often with my clients and have mentioned a few times here online, we as adults should have the same philosophy and approach to life as children in order to grow, evolve and to feel resilient, but at some point we learnt that what we should do and needed was different. I believe we as humans need the same philosophy to life and we need the same environment to learn, grow and blossom in.

Every experience we have is giving us feedback to what we like and don’t like, what we need and what isn’t working, what we need to learn, what we want to try…

I help my clients to be in a healthy relationship with themselves. To be able to read their bodies cues, to decode the messages within their emotions, and discover their truths within their experiences. This behaviour was not necessarily modelled to us by our parents so we have to learn these skills as adults. When we put in the time to unlearn beliefs and behaviours that our harmful to us and hinder our quality of life, we create the inner freedom that is needed to make our outer world a reflection of who we truly are.

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