Switching off and tuning in

Jul 07, 2021

Before we left for our holiday in Cornwall I had an intention of writing and working in the evenings and devoting myself to playing with Roo during the days. The reality was that we had so much fun mucking about during the days I was exhausted in the evenings. I decided to have no agenda apart from to fully switch off from work and tune into Roo and my friends that we were visiting.

The familiar worry, fear and a little anxiety crept in; ‘ what about my clients’ ‘what about my income’ ‘what about my programmes that I’m writing’?

So I continued that conversation with myself by asking ‘What about it all? Will you fail? What is failing? What needs to happen so that you can fully relax?’

My clients knew that they could WhatsApp me if they needed me, my programmes need to be finished by next spring, my income wouldn’t grow but it also wouldn’t become less, all I needed to do was focus on my mindset. I needed to believe that everything as it was was ok and I gave myself permission to switch off and fully tune in. I was present, we played, we spent most days in a garden or in a beach, we painted every morning together, we ate great food, we swam, we enjoyed ourselves and watched movies in the evening.

Being the sole and only provider In my family the money worry is there at times but I also know that all Rowan and I actually need is each other and what we already have. We have a beautiful home, a wonderful community, we create and play every day. There are things that I aspire to have and to achieve but I refuse to live my life waiting for a future that might never come. "I'll have time to play with him another day if I just get my work done now"

Today is the gift that we have and we can ruin it when we get stuck in our heads worrying if we are enough, if we have enough, if we are doing enough.

This holiday was a big reminder of what ‘enough’ really was and to live with love and presence. When we are making decisions and living our life from a kind and loving place within ourselves, it makes it easier to navigate the big emotions when they arise.

My invitation to you is to notice how you are feeling right now…what can you give yourself permission to stop doing and start doing instead?
I encouraged my mum to put a reminder in her phone telling her to get out to enjoy the sunshine and go for a walk that wasn’t a mission to accomplish anything other than enjoying the sunshine.

Break up your day, break out of lacking in energy and do something like getting outside or a mini dance break that will light you up and re-set your nervous system.

Lots of love and don’t forget to reach out if you want to find out more about the work that I do x