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I’d love to share some of my story…


I am Chloe Maxwell a certified life, embodied resilience coach, mentor and mother.

I believe that every woman has the right to a healthy and comfortable relationship with herself. What I mean by that, is to not feel like our mind, body and life are a battlefield. I believe that every woman has the right to trust her intuition. I believe that every woman should have access to the tools to heal and flourish. 

Self-care is not just a remedy, but a way of life. 

Having gone through my own journey with depression and anxiety in my teens and throughout my 20's, I dedicated my life to studying the methods and practices that helped me, so that I may help others in their own life challenges. I did most of my training in the UK with my Personal training Certificate, Nutritional advisor, Hiit and many more with the Training Room and in Remedial Pilates with Polestar Pilates, Pre and Post natal Yoga in Oxford with Yoga Quota, Advanced Certificate in Coaching with Mindful Talent and in India I did my training in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga whilst I lived in RIshikish at Parmarth Niketan and Tattvaa Yoga. Through my practice of yoga and mindfulness, the movement practices that I was trained in evolved to be taught with with a strong focus on using movement to connect the mind and the body. using movement to get out of the head and into your heart or into your power.

My clients benefit from all of this studying as it is integrated into their bespoke programmes. I have 8 years of industry experience but I not only have the training, I live this life every day in an integrated and embodied way. Having gone through career changes, living all around the world, becoming a single mother, recovering from emotional abuse and building my own successful business; from the most challenging moments to the smaller day to day moments, everything that I have learned has helped me navigate, thrive and flourish. The lows aren’t as scary or as impossible as I have the tools, processes and belief to learn and live through it all. It is this embodied way of life that I share with my clients, so that they to can thrive and rise up through all of life’s inevitable challenges.

Resilience as an embodied practice is a way of life that can bring you back into a place of living in your integrity, trusting in your capacity to do what is right for you.

Throughout my journey


as a Health and Fitness Professional my main focus has been to support women to feel their best through every stage of life. Through pregnancy, life as a new mum, changing career, returning to work, postpartum physical recovery, venturing into single motherhood, what ever is happening within their life, I have supported my clients to navigate these stages and to feel empowered to make decisions that moved their lives forwards and to connect their mind and body.

One body One life time: 

Life can feel really difficult when we are at battle with ourselves.

-When we don’t have the tools to stop the negative thought cycles,

-when we don’t know the movements that would help us to feel stronger and more connected,

-or the breath techniques to activate our parasympathetic nervous system

-or what food we should be eating to nourish and nurture our mind and body:

Through my programme we work on re-writing your narrative for your life and your self, towards your body and food. To one that is nourishing, sustainable and whole. You learn actionable processes that will support you in living your best life!

My years working as a health and fitness professional, with women, in all stages of their life, informs my approach to being a female-centric coach and enables me to offer expert and personal understanding of the impact of any of life changes that we as women go through. I share with you the tools and process that I have used with 100’s of women, so that you to can find the confidence, power and strength in you body and within your mind, that you deserve to feel every day!

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